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bobn 10-06-10 11:46 AM

bulb conversion question
I currently use a 6v 4.5ah sealed rechargeable lead acid battery to power the lights on my bike.
I would like to convert the headlight from a 6v incadescent bulb to a led bulb. The light is a vintage style chrome bullet light with a screw base. I know I will have to sacrifice the base in order to fit the new led bulb if it's possible.
Any ideas on what kind of bulb I can use and what voltage will work with this battery. Can I use the same reflector, or will the new bulb have its own reflector?
I want to keep using this battery because it powers other lights and it's easily carried in my small trunk bag on my rear carrier.

bobn 10-06-10 11:52 AM

This light is used to be seen, not to light the road. So throw and spread aren't that important.

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