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Phil85207 10-08-10 05:05 PM

Tried out my Magic Shine 900s today
Left the house a three thirty AM, pitch dark and headed out into the wilderness. I was blown away with the lights. One on the bars and one on the helmet. This was the first time I used a helmet light and I gotta say wow. I will never ride at night without the helmet light again. So all is good, I am on top of Usery Pass and heading down the back side. Almost to the botton and the bar light suddenly quits. Boy was I glad I had the helmet light. I decided to head back to home as I was way out in the middle of know where and didn't want to take a chance that maybe I charged them wrong or something. Back up the hill, no problems, all is OK, and as I crest the top and head down the front side I switch to high beam and go for it. I e-mailed GeoManGear where I bought them and within a few minutes had a reply. after some checking I got a note from them that a new battery was on its way to my door. Now that's good service. No that's great service, and I might add a GREAT light. I am one happy biker.
Here is a link to today's shortened ride. The next one will go up Bee Line to RT. 87 and south to Fountain hills, Through Tempe and home. This is one of my normal routes.

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