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mgurtzweiler 11-16-10 08:29 AM

Lightweight Helmet light + Battery mounted on helmet
I usually do not ride with a jacket or jersey that has a pocked where i could put a light battery, so i want to mount the battery on my helmet.

I tried this with my Dinotte 600L but my neck told me to take a hike after about an hour, just too damn heavy. I need around 2 hour burn time for my commute (40mi rt) assuming i can charge it at work or use a low setting on the way in when i have the sunshine on my side.

The Vis360 looks interesting, anyone using one?

I am ideally looking for something with an XPG-R5 LED.

sknhgy 11-16-10 11:05 AM

My Dinotte 200L works well for that.

tatfiend 11-16-10 11:27 AM

How about the Fenix HP10. It is actually designed as a headlight for head mounting and weighs under 4 ounces w/o the 4 AA batteries installed. Maximum intensity is claimed to be 225 Lumens. Both light head and battery are head mounted. Not totally designed for helmet use but mine works ok there. From Amazon a lot less expensive than the Dinotte 200.

BarracksSi 11-16-10 02:35 PM

Don't know what LED it uses, but I'll probably retire my Dinotte 200 setup (not that I used it much anyway) for the new Light & Motion headlight-taillight pair:

alan s 11-16-10 08:41 PM

I recently purchased the new Cygolite Expilion 250, and it works well as a helmet light. It also comes with a handlebar mount. At 130g, and I almost don't notice the weight. It is a little pricey, but overall a great light . . . bright, but not over the top. The rubber seal for the charger input is a little quirky, but does keep the rain out.

socalrider 11-16-10 08:47 PM

You can use a flashlight, lots of options with either a Zefal Doodad or Twofish Bikeblock for easy mounting..

If you use 18650 cells, this light is a nice one.. 300 lumens, long burn time of 3+ hours in high mode.

If you prefer using aaa cells with options for longer runtimes in the future, this is a good light, Romisen RC-C8 II R2 Flood-to-Throw LED Flashlight. You can adjust the beam to your liking, either tight for long throw or opened wide for full flood.. 200+ lumens.. 3.5 ounces, 5 ounces with battery..

Inthe10ring 11-17-10 08:59 PM

I have had nothing but fantastic luck with my Cygolite Milion 200... USB charging, built in battery, 130g total weight... I have run it for more than three and a half hours on high on a ride, fantastic... The run times have only been getting better with use. It has seen some serious weather in the last few months, but still hasn't skipped a beat. My magicshine battery has finally died, so the cygolite just came off the helmet, and went to the bars for primary duty... Good deal on amazon ( w/free shipping), or better yet, REI 20% off coupon/offer.

mikeinsa 11-17-10 09:01 PM

I picked up a very lightweight 3 bright white LED hat visor light from a Batteries Plus store recently. like $4 . .Great adjunct light and easy to ziptye to any helmet. Bonus is that it can be set to blink or be steady.
They also carry those quarter sized LED blinky light sets white for the front, red for the back, that loop onto your seat stay or fork. for like $7

dekindy 11-17-10 10:22 PM

TrailLed 500L.

JB01245 11-19-10 12:49 PM


mgurtzweiler 11-22-10 05:43 AM

I picked up the Light in Motion Vis360, little sucker puts out quite a bit of light. First commute today with the head lamp. A quick test ride while i was adjusting my new Dynohub light setup had it augmenting my edelux nicely.

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