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doorunrun 11-23-10 08:11 PM

DIY 3W LED Headlight
A friend from work built up a relatively inexpensive front headlight using this 3 Watt LED assembly designed for landscape use. I was wondering if anyone else has tried this approach with any degree of success.

The light fixture is available from for $40. It is rated at 140 lumens and runs from 12v @ 325ma. My friend's build-up uses a small lead-acid gel cell battery for power. He's got it mounted on a front rack on his bike. It seems like one could come up with some interesting designs. Comments?

merlin55 11-23-10 08:59 PM

that is more expensive than buying a LED bike light at PB....which comes with a mount... 11-24-10 09:24 AM

You could probably get a 200 lumen 3Watt Cree LED flashlight, handlebar mount, 18650 battery and charger for about $50 and be good to go

unoge 11-25-10 02:52 AM

I do think we can have so much fun through the course of DIY.

cc700 11-30-10 03:40 AM

DIY can be awesome.

I have a friend who's building an entire car exterior to learn autobody and create something totally unique. That's a DIY...

I don't think that landscaping thing is going to have a good beam pattern for use as a headlamp.

The LEDs and whatnot are the easy part. What's difficult are the housings and optics. Access to CNC mills or exceptional ingenuity are big pluses.

I want to make a DIY 2xP7 lamp with basically dinotte 400L housing/design/optics. unfortunately, what makes dinottes nice is what prevents this from working... you can't make precision housings and optics without lots of money, and you can't find analogues in mass production for any thing else, especially not outdoor landscaping.

superbrightleds dot com sucks. they're really overpriced imo.

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