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estcstm3 11-27-10 11:38 AM

Finally have my narrowed my choice to two flashlights! Romisen RV 235 R4 or R5? HELP
Based my requirements
1) Rainproof
2) Take Nimh LSD AA batteries
3) ~2Hr runtime
4) 180 lumens+
5) budget is $50 max

I have narrowed my decision down two flashlights, I am still researching but I am torn between the Romisen RV 235 R4 and the RV 235 R5? I was going to just get the r5 because its newer and has 15 more lumens , but then the idea of a neutral white sounded nice and im not sure the 15 lumens is noticeable. Out of the R4 and R5 which gets better battery life?

Romisen RV-235 II CREE XP-G R5 2-Mode LED Flashlight
250 lumens

Romisen RV-235 II NW Cree XP-G R4 Neutral White 2-Mode LED Flashlight
235 lumens

socalrider 11-27-10 12:01 PM

they cost the same, output is very close 235 vs 250 lumens.. I would get the R5.. Cool White works better on the road versus Neutral..

colleen c 11-28-10 10:35 AM

Ditto on the preference of the cool white over the natural white. I have several flashlight in both the regular and natural white with the SST-50 emitter. The difference is 100 lumen but the color of the light sure looks a lot more than the 100 lumen difference. I think the eyes can perceive the regular cool white tone much better than the natural white tone when using these flashlight out on the road. The difference of those two flashlight you chosed might only be 15 lumens on paper but may actually be more because of how your eyes and brain defines the color difference.

I took all my natural white flashlight and use them as regular flashlight at home and work because I did find them useful in close quarter where they will not be glaring back at me when I am shining them on a glossy painted surface.

alphasigmookie 11-30-10 04:01 PM

I have the older version of that light and it's a great, versatile light. I'm with the other posters on going with the R5.

I actually use this one as my headlight because it has a bit more flood and lights up the road better. I went with a rechargeable 18650 cell that will last a good 2 hours on high and a set of cr123a's as a backup.

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