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sierra11b 12-03-10 03:10 PM

Sigma BC 1009 Problem
I can't seem to get the computer to register any speed. I have gone over the manual, the helpful installation video on their site, measured the wheel, checked the connections, the wires, the magnetism, gone over all the trouble shooting bullets twice in the manual and nothing.

My question is does the magnet have to be parallel to the sensor? I simply cannot mount it that way given the angle of the spokes to the fork. Even at a the 20degree angle it clears the sensor, the magnet clears the sensor at about 1.5mm at the apex and 5mm at the outermost part of the sensor.

I swear I have the worst luck with electronics. :rolleyes:

canopus 12-03-10 03:40 PM

It should not have to be parallel. And that clearance should be enough. You can try moving the magent up and down the spoke to see if that helps. Another thing they offer is a more powerful magnet assembly but i would call sigma first and see if they'll warranty it.

Steve530 12-03-10 05:58 PM

My wife had a Sigma computer that would not register at time. We replaced the stock magnet with the Sigma Power Magnet, and the computer worked well. Costs about $6 IIRC.

sierra11b 12-04-10 04:00 AM

Seems a bit like a racket to me. Why not just offer a more powerful magnet if it only costs $6? Oh well. I contacted customer service so hopefully I can fix the problem. Otherwise, I'll try the magnet. Thanks.

sierra11b 12-16-10 06:12 PM

Quick follow-up is in order here...

Contacted Sigma via email and gone an immediate response from their USA customer service rep. Asked me a couple simple questions to verify I had installed it correct. His only assumption was that the wire had a short in it so he replaced it free of charge. Also sent another magnet and the set of o-rings. It works now!

Steve530 12-18-10 03:34 AM

Glad you got it working.

Their sending replacement parts does speak well for Sigma.

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