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rapattack 12-06-10 08:22 AM

Echowell Bike computer Bri 3 - don't know how to use it
I got this with the bike i bought that other day. I have been pressing this and that. Now i Numbers flashing? and i am getting no where. I emailed the guy i bought it from but no reply yet! I have never had a bike computer and have very simple needs. Would be nice to have the time in front of me. Not fussed about speed as i know i am extremely don't care about that! I can't seem to find a site with a manual :0)

rapattack 01-07-11 02:56 AM

Hi i finally got the manual from the dude i bought the bike from but i am no closer to understanding how to use suggestions? I can scan the manual if anyone wants me to. I have just never come across a bike computer and don't really understand the benefits of it. I won't be going fast due to disability but it would be nice to know how far i travelled and the clock...the rest well i don't understand. The guy said something about it has to be set with the wheel size but i will have to see what size they are i guess.

CaptainCool 01-07-11 12:12 PM

Found the manual online:

Looks like almost everything is set with one button. Switch to odometer mode and hold the button to set your tire size. Press the button to modify the digit, hold for two seconds to change the flashing digit, hold for four seconds when done. Same with clock, except you're starting from clock mode. Do an all-clear with the button on the back if you want to reset the current odometer reading or switch between mph and kph.

rapattack 01-07-11 08:19 PM

Yes that is the same manual i have. I find it very confusing but the information you gave makes things a bit clearer. I will give it another go when i have time and let you know how i go :0) Thanks CaptainCool

rapattack 04-13-11 07:48 AM

Phew i think i finally worked out how to use the damn thing. I set whatever settings and will give it a test drive tomorrow. That button is a pain to press and you keep going past the number you want he he. I am glad i haven't got big man hands so there are some advantages to being a lady! Thanks!!!!

rapattack 04-27-11 08:47 AM

Gee i can't seem to initiate the speed(km/h) thing. It displays as zero's but no movement. What do you think i should press to activate it?

CaptainCool 04-27-11 11:01 AM

Initiate? If you're not getting any speed reading, the sensor/magnet probably aren't in the right place.

rapattack 04-27-11 10:54 PM

That makes sense. I haven't moved or changed anything and before i learnt how to use this thing the reading used to happen. Hmmmm. do i need to take a pic of the set up so you can see if it is right? This is my first experience with bike computers so i might not have a clue :00

Had another look today and i can't see anything has changed. can you tell me what i should look for?

rapattack 05-07-11 06:49 AM

OK here is a video that might explain things. The magnet is on the outer spokes of the wheel. Is this right. In the later part of the video you see that that bike computer is not reacting to me spinning the wheel.

rapattack 05-11-11 07:20 AM

OK well found out the the magnet thing attached to the spoke is too far away or not on the right side so now it is. So when it passes the thing on the side that registers or triggers the computer it does it right now :0) Just gotta figure out how to find out how much in total i rode that day or night

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