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akohekohe 12-07-10 03:37 AM

Supernova Triple E3 Failure
The LED that works at slow speeds (and high speeds) stopped working but the two other LEDs do work, but I have to be going seven mph or so before they click in so it is not good for steep up hills. The tail light also doesn't work now. I've had it for eight months and put around 5,000 miles on it (I leave it on even in the day time). I think it is still under warranty and will be sending it back to either Peter White or the dealer I got it through.

canopus 12-07-10 04:26 AM

Bummer. My single is still working but I was thinking of sending it in to upgrade to the triple. Hope it gets fixed quickly for you.

Juha 12-07-10 05:15 AM

In my experience, Supernova customer service has been very good (I've dealt with the manufacturer in Germany directly). Hopefully they make it right for you.

akohekohe 01-04-11 04:06 AM

After consulting with the dealer I bought the supernova from I sent it back to the USA Dealer Peter White who fixed it for free. Glad to have it back.

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