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WonderMonkey 04-29-11 07:14 PM

Having trouble mounting my light AND my kit
I have a kit that hangs below my seat and has some tools, etc. in it. I purchase this:

Portland Design Works Red Planet / Spaceship

The bracket that comes with the rear blinkie can only fit on my seat post but there is no room because of my kit (tools, etc).

Have any of you ran into this and do you have any suggestions?

Mr. Beanz 04-29-11 07:18 PM

Can't see the back of the light but the details says "seatstay mount".

Some lights unhook from the mount and slide into the hoop on the back of some seatbag.

WonderMonkey 04-30-11 09:09 PM

It does have a clip that could do that. My kit doesn't have a spot for it but I could either get a new kit or sew a loop on there to clip on it on there.

Nice thinking, Mr. Beanz.

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