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Richard Cranium 05-11-11 01:44 PM

Best "weather app" for LG 900g
I don't know too much about smart phones. But I have one the cheap net 10 phones that i want to use to drill down to detailed radar images using the screen in the best way possible.

I discovered that Opera Mobile is formatting the screen for an "portrait" view as opposed to landscape - like a blackberry's screen. The Opera website says it can't find any such phone as a LG900.

Anyone have a great weather app they use to see storms when out on the back roads? The "accu-weather" on Opera isn't exactly great.

socalrider 05-11-11 02:13 PM

I like weatherbug because it shows you doppler radar which shows which way to ride to avoid oncoming storms..

Richard Cranium 05-12-11 09:13 AM

Can't figure it out - the website wants to send alerts - can't find a mobile app download.

NebrVandal 05-27-11 06:57 AM

Beautiful widgets...

Richard Cranium 05-27-11 09:15 AM

I did find out that I should use the LG 300GW as the "model" I might try it again.

The Opera browser is probably good enough. But it would be cool to have dedicated "radar" rain prediction app. I saw one on a Verizon phone.

One big deal is - so many apps are formatted for I-phone style screens - not Blackberry "landscape style."

Widgets are for "Android" phones.

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