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eventhorizon 05-18-11 04:06 AM

Costco Techlite
I purchased a three-pack Costco Techlite LED-based lights yesterday. These are the newer model (no low battery indication, no focus adjustment). (The older model had a low battery indication that drained the battery even if the light was off.)

Each light uses 3 AAA batteries and has a CREE LED. The LED is rated 150 lumen, 5000 cd. The LED has three modes: low, high, strobe. Strobe is fairly rapid.

The light is made of anodized Aluminum and has a 1 m drop tolerance.

Cost is $16 + tax (with $4 coupon). (I understand that I am most likely getting what I paid for, so my expectations are not high.)

It is made in China.

The light is pretty bright, even in low setting.

The cover says that the batteries will last one hour in high and four hours in low.

Here are my questions:

1. Has anyone used this as a bike light? If so, please share your experience.

2. How do I fasten this to the bike handlebar or to the helmet? All it has is a lanyard. Can I purchase O-rings for this? Where and what size? Is there a generic flash light helmet mount?

3. Is there a generic red lens or film that I can use to convert this to a tail light?


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