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harshbarj 05-23-11 06:12 PM

Looking for a better generator light.
I have the Spanniga micro FF LED and it's okay so traffic can see me, but I want something that will put out enough light to be useful for me at night. I really don't want to spend much money.

The light I have

It has to be a generator light. I don't ever want to go back to battery lights again. A standlight is a plus but not required.

Juha 05-24-11 01:11 AM

Busch & Mueller Lumotec IQ CYO gets good reviews, as does the Supernova E3. They are not cheap though. There are others too. Have a look at Peter White Cycles' headlight comparison page:


sauerwald 05-24-11 03:29 PM

I have the supernova E3 - and I love it. Cost is relative. I don't own a car, but I thought that I spent a lot when I bought the E3 and a set of brake pads. My wife's car needed new brakes and to have a headlight replaced - her bill helped to make my headlight look really inexpensive :P)

fietsbob 05-25-11 12:40 PM

I just put a Trek Bellville together, for the shop floor .
odd thing that, FF I thought .. no heatsink on the LED, so wouldn't be high power..
your post confirms that .

a Schmidt eDelux , or an E3 will be a much brighter torch ..
both smaller sized..
I like the reed switch Schmidt uses .. a magnet in the external ring opens the circuit.

Busch and Muller Lyt is significantly less money, several levels of features, standlight , etc. raises the price in increments ..

harshbarj 05-25-11 01:23 PM

@fietsbob, it is a little on the dim side. Bright enough to alert traffic and to help in really dark conditions, but not enough for city riding. Now the rear light, that is BRIGHT!

I really do want a Schmidt eDelux, it's just the price that scares me. $200 for a light??? But I have seen them and they are bright.

And I also have the belleville. Nice bike, just a few junk components that should be replaced out of the box (brake levers, pedals).

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