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eventhorizon 05-29-11 03:11 AM

Cygolite Trion 600 or Expelion 250?
REI is selling the Expelion 250 at a 20% discount for $105; sale ends Monday. The Trion 600 is available from Amazon for $250. Both have integrated batteries and this feature interests me.

As far as throw distance goes, I am led to understand that the two are equivalent. The Trion is obviously much brighter. The Expelion has a helmet mount that the Trion doesn't (too heavy). Consumer reviews are equally good.

I am at a loss to figure out which one to purchase. I am a casual rider at this time but hope to commute. (The Dinotte 400 looks good too and is equivalent, price wise to the Trion. But it has a cable connecting to a separate battery pack and is 400 lumens.)

Any suggestions on what factors I should consider?

On another note, I purchased the Techlite three-pack from Costco. They feature Cree XPE LEDs, and three AAA batteries. They have high, low, and flash modes. Rated at 150 lumens with one hour duration in high mode. Cost: $16 for the three-pack. I purchased the Twofish bar mounts for $6 each and mounted two on my bicycle. They seem pretty bright though they have a narrow bright spot. If I purchase an Expelion, I can mount it on my helmet and use the Techlites as additional lights. If I purchase the Trion, I can substitute one of the Techlites with the Trion. I compared the Techlite with an Expelion 250 in a dark room at REI. I found that the Expelion beam is more dispersed, but brightness wise was not that different from the Techlite!


colleen c 05-29-11 11:48 AM

According to Cygolite web, it shows the Expelion as being replaceable battery. Which makes it nice when the battery goes dead.

It is good idea to have a helmet light and if you do go that route, then that means you need to decide on a Expelion 250 or using one of your Techlites on your helmet depending on which one has a better throw. If you find the Expelion 250 as a better helmet light, then go with that and use two Techlites on your handle bar. However, if you find the Techlites as a better helmet light, then get the Trion 600 on the handlebar and use one Techlites as a helmet.

no1mad 05-29-11 12:02 PM

I'd get the 250. More versatile than the 600. Plus, if the 250 craps out on you, if Cygo won't take of you, REI will.

eventhorizon 05-30-11 01:48 PM

Thank you for your responses.

Looks like the Expelion 250 is the better choice for me. I have placed an order with REI and made use of the discount.

FYI: the Trion 600's price on Amazon has dropped to $243 today.

BlastRadius 05-31-11 08:21 AM

I love my Trion 600. Super bright and self-contained is key for me. I hate messing with the separate battery packs.

ChrisO 06-01-11 12:40 AM

You'll probably be perfectly happy with the Expilion 250, it's plenty bright enough for all but the fastest riding. Doesn't weigh much either. Cygo sells extra batteries for it also- in case you want to have a backup.

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