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Runner 1 05-29-11 11:57 PM

Looking for cyclo-computer with specific requirements
Hi all,

I'm looking for a cycling computer with a few requirements:
  • Very high accuracy regarding speed and distance (no skipping magnet rotations, and accurate up to 60 mph in case I'm flying down a mountain)
  • Quick updating of the display (if I slam on the brakes, it should go to zero immediately)
  • Cadence measurement

These are the main requirements. However, I'd also prefer
  • Wired (better battery life, less interference, more reliable)

I've looked at most of the CatEye's but this little computer, the Sigma BC 1609, seems like it might do the job.

Also, looking toward the future, I'd like a computer that records the speed and cadence over the duration of the ride so I can go look at it on my computer later. I don't need HR, temperature, power, etc. The Edge 500 is too expensive, too complex and seems to track speed by GPS (I could be wrong), so it doesn't fit my highly accurate requirement.

If anyone knows of some good ones, let me know!


Richard Cranium 05-30-11 07:02 AM

Most any Cat-eye -if installed and calibrated correctly will work perfectly.

If you want additional accuracy then you mount the unit sensor on the back wheel.

That is all. All cyclometers that use a wheel rotation sensor as a pickup will be accurate to within one rotation per mile. (whatever that is - since bicycles ride straight lines)

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