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dreamingant 06-09-11 07:27 PM

Garmin GSC 10 Cadence Magnet Install on FSA Cranks
Does anyone have any suggestions for mounting the Garmin GSC 10 cadence magnet on an FSA crank? If I place the magnet where my old Cateye magnet was (in the groove on the back of the crank arm), the main Garmin unit seems like it will be too close to my rim/tire (especially when using fatter CX tires). If I move the cadence magnet up closer to the pedal on the crank arm, it's not stable because 1/2 the magnet falls into the groove on the FSA crank arm.

I read somewhere that someone used a shim. I have no idea how I would create a shim for this situation.

Does it matter if the main unit is right next to the tire?

Thanks in advance!

chasmm 06-12-11 09:20 PM

Here's a post about a possible solution...and if this doesn't work for you, you might find other options on the Garmin forums:

dreamingant 06-13-11 01:40 PM

awesome. thanks for link, chasmm! i think i'm going to order the rare earth magnets and see how they work.

ChaingangJeff 03-31-12 06:22 AM

My solution
I took a sticky felt tack normally used on the leg of a piece of furniture to prevent floor scuffing. I cut the felt tack so that its shape fit in the groove of the crank arm and put it in place so the surface of the felt was flush with the surface of the crank arm thus filling the groove. I then installed the magnet on the crank arm as per directions. it worked perfectly.

sd790 04-18-12 07:18 PM

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Winner: Neodymium Magnets 1/2 x 1/8 x 1/8 inch Ring N48 :thumb: Slap one of these rare earth magnets on the inside of your pedal spindle and move your GSC-10 into position. No more zip ties, no glue, silicon or whatever you've been using - and no more lost magnets. The hole in the center is will to allow you to get them out easily.

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