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GraysonPeddie 06-25-11 03:38 PM

Large speedometers for a 20" wheel in a tricycle
Hi. I will need a speedometer that is compatible with my 20" front wheel. Sure, digital is great, but size matters and I'm having trouble finding a cyclocomputer in that is over 4" in size, so it seems I'll need to go analog, so are there any speedometers that are large enough for me to read? I found this, but I'm unsure of the dimensions so I'm wondering if there any speedometers (analog or digital) that are large/oversized (4"+ for analog, 5"+ for digital) that are very easy to read? It seems my only choice is to get an analog speedometer.

Or is there anything that I can make the speedometer be closer for me to read while not interfering with my field of view in the road?

johntrev 06-25-11 04:24 PM

Sounds like you would like a large display:

GraysonPeddie 06-25-11 06:10 PM

With a lot more searching and from a couple of cyclocomputers suggested in the link you've provided, I found that Sigma BC 2209 STS has an included wrist strap, so with a tricycle, I can hold my right wrist close to me and check my speed without losing balance. Of course, it's not that cheap so the analog speedometer will hold me over until I can get the BC-2209 STS.

Well, I really wish the cyclocomputer manufacturers can target the market for those who have poor eyesight or those who are old and may not be able to read the small screen (mainly the speedometer).

Thanks, anyway. I realize that I should have done a search before I post, though. :(

Mr Danw 06-25-11 09:01 PM

GraysonPeddie 06-25-11 09:39 PM

Same thing in my first post (analog speedometer, except that the one in the first post is MPH and the one in ebay (I do avoid it) is kph. I could easily mistake 15 kph with 15 MPH; Consequently, your post is unhelpful.

Update: I've looked in the other thread (looking for cyclocomputer) and I saw the Knog N.E.R.D, so I did a search in Amazon and I found this:

Well, it looks like this cyclocomputer is kind of easy to read once I saw this video, but the one with a black display seems to provide a better contrast than the one in the video.

If I were to choose between Sigma 2209 or Knog NERD with a black display, I'd simply go with the Sigma since it includes a wrist strap and the Knog NERD cyclocomputer does not, but having a black display does provide a better contrast. I wonder if I can find an all-purpose wrist strap (well, there are a lot of wrist straps, each having different purposes that are good for specific tasks) and rug something that could mount a cyclocomputer into a wrist strap. A cyclocomputer with a black display in a wrist strap? That would be pretty cool. :)

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