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sstang13 07-08-11 09:06 AM

iPod GPS tracker.
Hey everyone, i was wondering if any of you had any suggestions on free GPS trackers for my iPod.

I do not have a 3.2 or 4.0 iPhone updates, nor do i have an iPhone. So iMapMyRide does not work.

Any suggestions for aa free iPod app GPS tracker so that i know where I'm going when riding alone? (I do not know to many roads and where to go/how to get back to my home after each ride).


luv2climb 07-09-11 08:26 AM

There are no GPS applications for an iPod. Only iPhones have the ability to receive the GPS satellite signals.

sstang13 07-09-11 08:51 AM

Crap ok, thank for the feedback

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