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worldtraveller 07-09-11 03:46 PM

best training gadget
What are the options for on bike gadgets that you can use then upload the info to the computer to track training progress?

i assume thats a heart rate monitor etc. that is highly measure everything

gear 07-09-11 04:42 PM

Do you carry a cell phone on rides? If you do and it's an iPhone you have a couple of options. I use ibike, it houses the iPhone and "talks" to sensors on the bike (and on me). At the end of the ride It compiles the data, emails it to me, I download the data into my computer where the software gives me analysis of the ride and if I want I get a Google Earth map of the ride too. Very, very simple.

Richard Cranium 07-11-11 10:40 AM

Understanding the relationship between MPH and the time periods necessary to obtain a goal is interesting to me.

I often calculate intermediate training goals by simply using a wrist watch and the distance-traveled function of an odometer.

Elvo 07-11-11 01:39 PM

You'll need a coach, a HRM, powermeter, Garmin Edge, and a cadence meter.

hhnngg1 07-24-11 09:34 PM

Garmin 305 for the non-PM folks, Garmin Edge 500 or better for powermeter folks

They're awesome. For $125ish for the 305, you can't beat it - HRM, GPS, the works. Nothing else is even close.

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