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sacerdote 07-09-11 03:51 PM

Best non-obtrusive computer
Is there any wireless road bike computers that don't use the plastic ties to attach the parts? Just bought a new bike and hate to use them unless I have no choice. It's not a Trek so no secret compartment. I just need basic read outs like speed, odometer and trip meter.

stryper 07-09-11 04:41 PM

the knog nerd doesn't use ties cause it attaches with the same silicon flap thing their lights do. I got it for that very reason, easy to take off and throw in my bag when i lock up so it doesn't get stolen.

Unfortunately it is fairly bulky though. Both the sensor and the computer are pretty large.

goagain 07-09-11 05:12 PM

What Trek secret compartment? sounds interesting...

kenji666 07-09-11 05:19 PM


Originally Posted by goagain (Post 12904247)
What Trek secret compartment? sounds interesting...


dahut 07-09-11 05:39 PM

Uh, whats wrong with a few zip ties, anyway? They're the greatest invention in history, next to Velcro.
I have black carbon forks and the black ties disappear against it. No one even notices, even when I point out the c-computer to them. I just turn the square, knobby part of it to the inner side. You can get ties in almost any colr these days, too. Surely some could be found to match.
Besides, you're supposed to be riding the thing - not fussing over the zip ties on the fork.

znomit 07-09-11 05:40 PM


Steve530 07-09-11 06:00 PM

Sigma Sport computers use a "O" ring.

waynesworld 07-09-11 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by Steve530 (Post 12904369)
Sigma Sport computers use a "O" ring.

This is what I have, the 1009.

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