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cbike 07-09-11 06:55 PM

Planet Bike Protegé 9.0 Wired Issues
This is crazy. Both, my wife and I have less than a year old wired PB Protege 9.0 bicycle computers on our bikes. On our ride today I noticed that both computers reset, lost all data including odometer and now have the same incorrect time. How the heck can something like that happen?

It's not just the trip data that was reset, which is way to easy to do on this computer, but the time and odometer as well. I purchased the computer specifically for this bike so I could know the it's total mileage. Well, that's history now. :notamused:

jgsatl 07-10-11 06:18 AM

perhaps their batteries were made on the same day and died at the same time?

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