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MKIV987 07-28-11 06:12 AM

Care to help me identify this trainer?

Seems like an older Cycle Ops mag trainer, but I'm not sure what the model name is (I'd like to look up reviews). Do you think it's worth $50 and a 30-minute drive? How loud is this thing going to be?

202MphHayabusa 07-31-11 10:05 AM

from what I remeber about my buddy's
The tripod was not the most stable for out of the saddle stuff
He welded a big hunk of iron plate to it....much better but now it was not portable
for just a workout, and for $50 buy it IMHO

zig.zag 08-09-11 06:05 PM

On a scale of loudness, fan trainers are louder than mag trainers and mag trainers are louder than fluid trainers. The mag trainer I used to use was not terribly loud. I would think that a trainer that held you reasonably stable would be worth $50, and also worth a 1/2 hour drive to test drive. Good luck.

sjvcycler 08-10-11 11:03 AM

Its an old cycleops just like it says. Its the same trainer from the early spinnervals movies :). Didn't seem to loud there. Offer 25 bucks.

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