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Dogen 07-28-11 10:26 PM

Ideas on how to upgrade head on Princeton Tec Switchback 3?
I've had this light for a few years and it puts out decent light, but I'm thinking the light head could probably be updated with brighter LEDs since LED tech has advanced a bit. The light system already has a huge Li-ion battery, so I'm willing to take a hit on overall battery life for more light. The light head holds 3 LEDs in a metal housing with cooling fins on it, so I'm hoping overheating won't be an issue. The original specs state the lighthead has 3 "maxbright" LEDs, whatever that means.

Drop-in replacements would be nice, but I'm guessing this might take some soldering.

mrbubbles 07-28-11 10:39 PM

5 things you will need.

- Soldering iron.
- Hex key for opening up the light.
- New LEDs, I'm guessing Switchback used Luxeon IIIs, so if you want a perfect fit, Seoul P4 U-bin should do but that's a bit outdated as well (although it's a generation ahead of Luxeon IIIs). Cree XP-G R5 is the latest, but a bit more expensive.
- Solder.
- thermal paste.

Richard Cranium 07-29-11 01:53 PM

That would be an awesome light with three XP-Gs - but I wonder about heat as well.....

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