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TurbineBlade 12-13-11 11:12 AM

Ixon IQ - Green light on all the time now.....what is this?

I have an IXON IQ led light and have run into an issue. Basically, I've noticed that after charging the light and unplugging the charger, a green solid light stays lit even when the light is off. I've tried turning the light on and off, but everytime it's off the green light still is going strong.

Does anyone know why the light is doing this? Are the batteries getting shot? I've run the same batteries for a year now -- 4 rechargeable AAs supplied with the light. Actualy, I've never removed the original batteries because you don't have to do so when charging them. The light has been used quite regularly during the year I've had it.


10 Wheels 12-13-11 05:22 PM

I have the same light.

Open the light, remove the batteries, clean the ends of each one and reinstall.

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