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siran 12-17-11 06:40 PM

ContourROAM on sale for $89 on Amazon

Add to cart, put promo code 89ROAM89 and it'll drop it down to $89.

Extra $10 off if you use a MasterCard with code 82YNNB5U

Credit goes to Slickdeals!

Best price I've seen for this camera!

js1221 12-18-11 07:41 AM

Thanks for the info, in addition to all the discounts I received free 1 day shipping from Amazon which saved me an additional $18.00.

gear 12-18-11 05:07 PM


matchpoints 12-18-11 08:28 PM

Thanks. I don't even check there anymore since coming to Canada. Placed my order with one day shipping. My folks will ship it with a few other items to me :) Too bad I don't have a MasterCard. I almost bought another brand camera but the more I thought about it the more I wanted a one button simultaneous on/record. I also wanted one that was an obvious camera so people know I'm recording. I will still be getting one of those 808 #11 keyhole cameras for rear view. This one will go on the helmet :)

JonnyHK 12-18-11 08:33 PM


no ship to my town!

siran 12-22-11 04:13 AM

So turns out the Roam has some major microphone issues, and records little to no audio. Bah.

freighttraininguphill 12-22-11 07:03 AM

It also has a built-in non-user-replaceable battery, no FastWVGA 848x480 60fps mode, and no 720p 60fps mode. My ContourHD has those two modes and a replaceable battery, which I usually swap out mid-ride on long rides.

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