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cehowardGS 12-29-11 09:42 AM

Center Mount bracket for Computer
I am looking to get a center mount bracket for my computer. I was looking at the FSA model, going for around $25 bucks, but all the reviews say the bracket is flimsy, and the thing vibrates as to where you can't read the computer.

Anybody got a FSA and your comments?

I am thinking about a Chinese copy for $16 bucks. At least I haven't heard no bad reviews on it.. ;)

matthewpetty 03-16-12 08:29 AM

I had the same problem (different computer), and ended up using Sugru to mount mine on my stem. I changed stems since then, too, and the Sugru was pretty easy to take off and after you couldn't even tell it had been on the stem. No vibrations at all.

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