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oldpuck81 12-30-11 11:52 PM

Cygolite mounting- cable in the way
I have a Cygolite MityCross 380 light on my roadbike bars. No matter if it's mounted left or right of the stem, the beam hits my shifter cables and shines in my eyes. I don't know if I should tie my cable back to the frame (puts stress on the ferrule coming out of the STI levers) or if there's secret way to reconfigure the light mount bracket.

Anyone have any ideas?

no1mad 12-31-11 12:19 AM

Minoura, Topeak, and probably some others make bar extensions that will allow you to mount a light (and/or other accessory) and have it above the offending cable or perhaps lower than the cable...

austex 12-31-11 11:50 PM

Strips of black cloth handlebar tape applied to the cable housing? Upgrade to 7900/6700/5700 shifters which bury the shifter cables under the handlebar tape, a la Crampangoslo/ScRAM? Down-tube shifters (what I use)?

znomit 12-31-11 11:52 PM

Sometimes mounting the light upside down helps, as does black shifter cables.

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