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dirtydawgnz 01-23-12 02:58 AM

New Gloworm X2

My name is Bruce from Gloworm Performance Products (formely Gloworm Lites) in New Zealand. We have been working since last August developing an innovative adventure/cycling light.

I would like to introduce the Gloworm X2 - it is a dual XM-L that produces 1200 lumens. We have finished testing and have recently launched.

It is 100% designed in NZ able to handle the rigours of the NZ outdoors - Waterproof and robust.

There is no question, this unit will change how you look at your next night ride.

Discussion can be seen here at

We are really excited about this innovative product and would love to hear your feedback.



orionz06 01-24-12 11:44 AM

Looks a lot like a Lupine Piko 3 (which I have). If the numbers are better and the battery life compares in a light that is cheaper and/or more available you will have a hit. I love the size and weight with the output it has. Would love to know more and maybe get my hands on one.

OKIE_55 01-24-12 07:31 PM

I'd like to test one of those, 3 times the light of mine.

dirtydawgnz 01-26-12 02:54 PM


Thanks for the feedback!

We like to refer to the X2 as not cheaper but better value ;)

If you click on the links above there is a lot of discussion at

I'll post pics of the other bit and pieces soon.



matchpoints 01-26-12 05:50 PM

I'll be posting some pictures of mine the same day they show up. Got 2 sets :)

orionz06 03-21-12 06:46 AM


Originally Posted by matchpoints (Post 13772696)
I'll be posting some pictures of mine the same day they show up. Got 2 sets :)


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