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sjt78 01-23-12 10:37 PM

FYI- Planet Bike Superflash is $15.20 at Amazon
Here's the link: I don't recall seeing it this low before??

a1penguin 01-24-12 12:38 AM

The PBSF Turbo is also pretty cheap at $24, although it doesn't offer Free Shipping.

sjt78 01-24-12 10:02 AM

I have both and the turbo is definitely brighter, but for $15 I'd rather have two regular superflashes. Redundancy is good so I always try to have two rear lights on all of my bikes.

A10K 01-24-12 05:25 PM

I have a Turbo and a Cygolite Hotshot. At the risk of hijacking this thread, I'm going to point out that the Hotshot is currently $28 on Amazon WITH free shipping. The PBSF's are cheap enough to get two and space them apart on a bike, like sjt78 says; if you're considering the Turbo you might as well pay the extra $3-10 and get the Hotshot, the only advantage of the Turbo is that you can get an off-the-shelf rack mount for it.

pick 01-24-12 09:39 PM

bummer....that link shows them at $25 now.

sjt78 01-25-12 01:12 AM


Originally Posted by pick (Post 13764013)
bummer....that link shows them at $25 now.

That often happens with Amazon. You need to jump on a deal when you see it. I hope at least a few people here were able to order one for the low price. I ordered two:)

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