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trx1 01-31-12 04:46 PM

rear rack light the rack holding the basket on has a mount for a light, does anyone know where i can find 1??

no1mad 01-31-12 05:20 PM

I can't make out the mounting tab, but you have plenty of options. If it only has one hole, you can install an adapter like this and then you can use the B&M Toplight 4D you could just get inventive with some zip ties and basically whatever and as many lights as you want to your basket.

mechBgon 02-01-12 12:45 AM

Planet Bike's BRT-5 comes with a rear-rack mount as well: This is one of the few lights on the market with a legit passive reflector built in, and in the United States you generally must have a reflector to be street-legal at night (don't give the lawyers any easy loopholes if their client hits you). It's reasonably bright for a budget light and pretty reliable.

sknhgy 02-01-12 08:23 AM

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The possibilities are endless. I make mine out of 1/8" x 3/4" aluminum strap purchases at Home Depot. It's easy to cut, drill, and bend.

fietsbob 02-01-12 12:13 PM

cell phone bad picture shows a basket, and so skngy is as good an idea as any.

you make one, is how you find one.

most US battery lights use 2 20mm apart holes vertical,
rear lights from the EU seem to be 2 mount holes 50~60 mm apart horizontal..
that thing in #2 works like an adapter ...
the 1 bolt thru a DIY piece, or a big fender washer, to span the basket wires.

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