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E_merlin 05-23-12 06:18 PM

Garmin edge 900 coming soon?
Anyone have any ideas? All I need to do is buy the 800 and the 900 will be announced the next day :-)

Anyone have the scoop on new units? I think the 800 is going on 2 years old which makes me think something new should be in the works.


p2templin 05-24-12 08:14 AM

Quick, start a rumor and see how far it spreads! What would they add that the 200/500/800 doesn't have already? Granted, I love our CycleOps Joule units for the power numbers they display, but I don't see Garmin trying to compete with that.

E_merlin 05-25-12 05:02 AM

Well nothing specific - perhaps an updated and improved display, improved battery life, improved mounting system, more polished software, etc... I am thinking more evolutionary that revolutionary. Reading some user feedback has left me holding off, especially when the unit misses turn by turn announcements, and has some other gremlins. Of course, just because there is a new unit does not mean it will be perfect out of the box and could share the same issues.

I could be dreaming and perhaps nothing is forthcoming from them.

p2templin 05-25-12 09:12 AM

Personally, I hope they DON'T change the mounting system. My 705 won't fit onto my wife's 800 mounts and vice versa. As a result, my concept of "let's swap Garmins so I can see your HR/power while you can see my HR/power" (while each of us can see our own effort on our respective CycleOps Joule 2.0 units) isn't a casual change. I'd need to bring zip ties and wire cutters, which means she won't go with the plan. Nor will she let me upgrade to the 800 "just so it can be interchangeable with hers".

sauerwald 05-25-12 09:34 AM

I am pretty happy with my 800 - the one thing that I would change would be to make the display easier to read - under some conditions, the contrast is much lower than I would like for it to be.

The unit seems to mostly have been designed around racing, and I use it for touring and recreational social rides - it would be nice to have features like being able to find things like restaurants, bathrooms, motels which are along the route - they can find ones that are close to your location, but it has no way of figuring deviation from a planned route. Other features, such as virtual partner are completely useless to me.

There are software fixes that would be nice - their route calculation algorithm for bicycles sucks, it could be much better, but I haven't upgraded the firmware in my unit for over 6 mos, so it can't be that bad...

Ian560 06-30-12 12:41 AM

The edge1000 is where the revolution will be... mark my words

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