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worldtraveller 07-04-12 10:02 AM

CatEye Speedometer stopped working
What type of variables would make my cyclecomputer, speedometer to stop working

its a Cateye brand.

I thought at first it was the battery, but put in new battery and still not work

The sensors are fine and working just the computer part?
anyone else have similar problems with Cateye cycle computer?

If you can what ones do you recommend best that don't short out/

JPMacG 07-04-12 10:32 AM

About once a year mine stops working. The electrical contacts where the unit attaches to the mount get dirty. I remove the unit from the mount, clean both contacts on the unit and both contacts on the mount with a Q-tip, and then it works again for another year. I moisten the Q-tip in rubbing alcohol but a dry Q-tip might work as well.

pdlamb 07-05-12 07:31 AM

1. Sensor alignment. Has the sensor shifted or rotated? Is that little line still lined up with the magnet? Can you move the sensor so it's closer to the wheel (without the magnet hitting it)?
2. Battery
3. Contacts.

In addition to JPMacG's suggestion, take a pencil eraser to the contacts to "erase" any corrosion.

worldtraveller 07-05-12 10:22 AM

Hello i have tried all the above
new battery.
Move sensor around.
clean contacts
yet not response
the computer part itself is on, but not reading from sensor. it is a wired one as well

wire seems fine.
Contacts I looked over, look clean, still no response

syciprider 07-05-12 12:41 PM

Looks to me like you need to fidget with your sensor more. Wired Cateyes are up there with cockroaches and Ruger revolvers in stubborn longevity.

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