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spivey44 01-12-13 05:12 PM

Garmin 500 ?
I need a bit of help. Just got the Garmin 500. Did a ride on road bike and mountain bike. Uploaded to Garmin connect. How do i prompt Garmin to create two separate "files" so when i download I have my road info separate from my mountain info. I know I can look at the date but i'd rather have 2 separate areas in connect.

Can this be done / How?


Looigi 01-13-13 12:10 PM

There is no way you can separate one saved ride into two on the device or in Garmin Connect, AFAIK. It is possible to edit the files and create two new files, one for each segment of the ride, but that requires a fair amount of knowledge and expertise on how the files are constructed. The normal way to do this in the first place is to Start the ride, Reset it at the end of the first segment, then Start again for the new segment resetting it at the end of that one. This creates and saves two separate rides.

If you want to explore this further, I suggest you go the official Garmin users' forums and bring it up there:

ks1g 01-14-13 11:42 AM

Is the problem one file containing 2 rides? Or you uploaded 2 files (one for each ride) and want to be able to select/filter what Garmin reports to tell the difference? See Looigi's suggestions for the 1st problem. For the second, you can edit the type of activity in Garmin Connect. The system has multiple categories for rides - road, trail, indoorl; and can further identify them as transportation, training, race, other events,... I usually do this immediately after uploading ride files while I still remember what I was doing/trying to do. You can export the ride data to a spreadsheet to perform further analysis, or to add criteria you logged separately from the data in Garmin.

BykOfALesserGod 01-19-13 09:58 AM

In Garmin Connect I break them down into "road biking" for my Trek, "track cycling" for my IF, "recumbent cycling" for my 1X1 and "mountain biking" for my MTB. Not the most accurate terms but it helps me filter my reports.

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