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socalrider 01-23-13 10:16 AM

best mount for 26650 flashlight -
I have been using some of the newer 26650 flashlight and just love them. I have been using the tried and true lockblocks but since the lights are much heavier than the 18650 models, you do get some bouncing on rougher roads.. Has anyone found a pretty stable mount for the 26650 lights, I'm also using 31.8 handlebars..

a1penguin 03-03-13 02:53 AM

I use the lockblocks for 18650 flashlights until I tried one of the rubber U mounts that cost $2.50 which I love. Unfortunately, I don't think they make them in larger diameters for 28650 lights. One of the main reasons I have stayed with my KD C8 on the bars. If someone has a source for 26650 universal U mount, please let us know!

socalrider 03-04-13 02:53 PM

been looking.. lockblock works ok but due to the heavier weight you do get more bouncing..

pec 03-10-13 08:39 PM

Twofish also has the larger cycloblocks that are intended to hold lights up to 1.5in in diameter.

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