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Jax Rhapsody 01-25-13 10:56 PM

On Jay Leno tonight
He had a guu on who works for a invention company. He had a bike helmet with a brake light and blinkers.

zacster 01-25-13 11:04 PM


I was reading on CNET today a report about replacing his hard drive with a solid state drive and was astounded that his 2009 computer was much faster. I did that 3 years ago to my iMac, and my iMac was 6 years old.

Do these guys live in bubbles that they think these things are new?

EricSteven5 01-26-13 01:22 AM

SMH @ zacsters high horsed view of the world.

ANYWAYS, back to the topic... Attaching more weight to my helmet is not really the way I would want to see a tail light/blinker combo incorporated. However I think any step in the direction of trying to find better and safer ways for bicycles and vehicles to co-exist is great. Maybe this guy doesn't have the groundbreaking perfect solution, but maybe the publicity of the show will inspired someone watching to invent the next great thing. No sense in knocking a guy for trying.

njkayaker 01-26-13 09:14 AM

It was a motorcycle helmet.

chaadster 01-26-13 12:32 PM

Jax Rhapsody 01-26-13 04:06 PM

Sorry I thought it was neat and wanted to share. Shame on me for.tryomg to comtribute to the board

unterhausen 01-27-13 07:00 AM

thanks for posting, ignore the occasional rudeness, it's pandemic on the internet.

My boss is eventually supposed to get one of those helmets that lights up from kickstarter. They are very late delivering though. No brake lights or signals on that one.

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