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TromboneAl 02-01-13 07:57 PM

How to Get Century Course into my Garmin Edge 205
The route for a century ride that I'll be doing in May is here:

I would like to load that into my Garmin Edge 205, but it looks like that's not possible. I'd have to find that same route entered by someone on the Garmin Connect site.

Does anyone know of a way to do this? What I expected was that I could export the data from RideWithGPS, and import it in Garmin Connect.


Looigi 02-02-13 09:52 AM

On the RWGPS page that your link takes you, there's a button with a double arrow at the top right of the map. Click that and a menu pane opens along the right side of the screen. Click on the export tab in that pane. There are links and instructions there for downloading the ride to your 205.

TromboneAl 02-05-13 02:07 PM

Thanks, Looigi.

I exported the gpx file, then installed Garmin's basecamp, imported it, converted it to a route, and downloaded it to the Edge. I had to tell it to limit it to 100 waypoints so that it wouldn't truncate the route.

Looigi 02-05-13 02:25 PM

Yes. I always use GPX tracks rather than GPX routes. The routes have the 100 point limit and will also give strange navigation. You may find it routes you differently than the defined route. Generally, you'll get better nav with tracks than routes.

TromboneAl 02-06-13 11:18 AM

I see now that I should have been working with "courses" and not "routes."

Now I've deleted all the routes from the device, and downloaded a course for testing. But it seems the waypoints from a previous route are still in there somehow, even though I don't want them.

More experimenting will be required.

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