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Myosmith 02-03-13 08:37 PM

Getting my first smart phone
This week I'll be upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy III and one app I am very interested in is mapping and turn by turn navigation for cycling (day touring mainly). What is the best mapping app available for general navigation? I am not interested in virtual competition, etc. but having elevation information and a few training bells and whistles would be nice. I have used Google Maps for years on my PC but I have heard that there have been recent issues with the mobile version. Is this true? Is there something better? Any I should specifically avoid?

I'm also wondering how much of my data plan will get used up if I'm doing real time turn by turn for say a 6-8 hour trip. I'm completely new to smart phones so please forgive the techno-newb vibe.

One more question: What are the best ways to carry and/or mount the phone while riding?


no motor? 02-04-13 03:15 PM

I got a droid smartphone last week and have some similar questions. 1 thing I have found already is googlemaps has a choice of overlays, and 1 of them is for bicycling. I can't wait to go out and explore with it when the weather warms up. Some of the other overlays are for elevation and traffic, and you can have more than 1 layer.

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