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TexLex100 02-03-13 09:12 PM

Oregon vs. Edge (800) GPS?
Hey folks,

I am shopping for a GPS to use on my bike. I would like to have the ability to read off the basic bike training data (HR, cadence, and speed), and also have good turn-by-turn navigation. It would also be nice to use it off the bike for walks.

I almost took the plunge to order the Garmin Edge 800, when I came across a discussion on the Oregon 450 or 550. Any advice? I know that the Oregon doesn't come with a bike mount but those exist. I am not sure how well the Oregon works with the ANT+ sensors. Finally, would you consider the Edge 800 good off the bike as well? (as a handheld)? Thanks.

PDX Reborn 02-06-13 08:16 PM

I use a Garmin Montana, the bigger brother to the Oregon. It is a bit big for cycling but the larger screen more than makes up for the size, especially when it comes to using thick winter gloves:thumb:

socalrider 02-07-13 12:10 AM

If you are considering the oregon - I would look at the Dakota, the smaller version of the Oregon.. I had a 550T for a good long while and it is a great gps and last a super long time compared to the cycling specific gps. The HR and cadence options all work fine on the Oregon, but if you are data fiend and want to know all about your rides to the smallest detail, the bike specific garmins are the way to go.

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