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EricL 02-04-13 09:06 AM

Cateye Astrale 8 battery killer
I've had this Cateye Astrale 8 since last July. Worked fine until about November, then the battery died. I put in a new battery and then didn't go to use
it until a week or 2 later (this is a 2nd bike), when I did, the battery was dead again. Then last week after replacing the battery again and using it once,
after the computer sat for a week, the battery is dead again.
I've owned a few computers over the years and have never seen this. Just curious if anyone has had a similar problem and if a solution was found, especially with this model. I'm guessing there's just not much to it and I'll have to get a new one but .... ?


Don777 02-11-13 06:50 PM

I would get with the seller or Cateye people as you must have a defective device. I have three different Astrale 8s on different bikes. I just replaced the primary device's battery after three years and it was used on the average five times a week for at least three hours per ride. My wife used one on her trainer daily for 30-60 minutes a day for well over four years with no battery replacement or failure. My indoor trainer bike gets used may be 10 times a year for five years with no failure. You have a defective computer that will mistreat batteries like that. Kindly - Don Simmons

zacster 02-11-13 07:52 PM

I have 2 myself and don't remember the last time I changed batteries. They just keep going. I was thinking of getting a Garmin with an HRM but couldn't justify the cost compared with my Astrale 8. I don't need no stinkin' maps anyway, I carry a NYC bike map in my pocket, and know where I am 99% of the time.

Maybe you have a short in one of the leads?

sch 02-12-13 04:29 PM

My Mity8 are all on the original battery CR2032 at 4 to 12 yrs of age. OTOH I replaced a CR2032 on another device recently and it crapped out in less than 2 months. Another battery from the same
source going well at 6 months. This is a group of 10 I got for $3.50 so no big loss. The CR2032 in my Dell is 2005, and my HP 2007, going strong. Bad battery in the OP device seemingly ruled
out by 3 batteries crapping out in short order. Seems likely to be the Astrale.

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