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sknhgy 02-09-13 08:40 PM

Blackburn Flea
II recently went to a bike show and bought an old version Blackburn Flea for $5. The guy at the booth assured me it would work. I got it home and found out it wouldn't. I contacted Blackburn and they sent me a new, new version Flea for free.
How nice of them.
I really like this light and I think it is every bit as good as my Cygolight Hotshot, and it is much easier to charge. I think I prefer it for that reason alone.
It is also easier to mount.
That is all.

1FJEF 03-02-13 05:45 AM

It's an OK safety light, I actually use mine on the helmet to illuminate my Cateye computer. I wouldn't use it as a headlight, but it's great used so people can see you.
I can't believe they gave you a new light. When my Flea tail light quit they told me I would have to buy a new one.

Chris516 03-09-13 07:44 PM

When I first saw the Blackburn Flea, I passed on it, immediately. It is very weak for a headlight.

1FJEF 03-11-13 07:26 AM

Agreed, not a light to see with, just to be seen. Good as a helmet light for illuminating the computer & fixing flats.

Telly 03-12-13 01:10 PM

Excellent safety light (flashing) to be seen, and even after 1-1/2 years of use, is still holds a descent charge. The only thing that I hate about it is it's strap mount. The original failed within a few months, but the people at Blackburn were kind enough to mail me two additional straps free of charge, and from what I've read on the net, their support is second to none.

If anyone's seen or read about an alternative way to mount the Flea 2.0, I would really appreciate it if you could post it here, or send me some info via PM.

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