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Winfried 02-13-13 07:12 AM

Android app to keep track and provide time estimates?

I was wondering: Does an Android exist that relies on the GPS to know which way I went, how much time I took to get to my destination, put this in a database, so I can have some time estimates the next time I travel the same route or close-enough?

FogCreek provides this feature for writing software when using their source control ("Evidence-Based Scheduling"), so it looks like a useful tool for commuting.

Thank you.

TampaRaleigh 02-13-13 07:16 AM

I suppose you could use Strava and create your own private segments. That would work.

Winfried 02-13-13 07:27 AM

Thanks. I'll check how Strava works. Are there other apps I should know about?

bwilli88 02-13-13 08:12 AM

I use Strava and i with a computer it is easy to create segments to track repeated rides. just make them start from natural pints like an intersection and not some random place like a bar or your home. others might ride the same route and it provides some competition if you make your segments public.

Winfried 02-13-13 09:30 AM

Thanks for the info. I'll try it tonight.

tpolley 02-13-13 10:04 AM

try "map my ride".

i'm not sure if it does what you're wanting, but it uses the phone's gps receiver to map your ride. it tracks speed, distance, elevation, time, and some other things. afterwards, you upload the route to a server where it's stored so you can look at it any time you want. it displays it on a map so you can see where you went.

it also has the option of voice updates, you can set it to speak to you every so often and tell you your distance, time, current speed, average speed and some other things about your ride.

you can add your friends and if they have the same software they can look at your profile and see where you are on a map in real time. i put it on Mrs. Tpolley's phone. the theory is if i get in trouble i can send her a message and she can use the map to locate and come and get me.

you can choose to make your routes public so that everyone and their brother can see, friends, so that only your friends can see, or private so that only you can see. you can also see what routes others are riding in your area.

i use it all the time to keep track of my rides. i've got one particular route that i ride, i can look back and see if i'm getting faster or slower.

it's free, but it's so awesome i would gladly pay for it.

bjorke 02-14-13 10:33 PM

I use Endomondo most of the time (strava sometimes, mostly because it tells me grade info). It lets you "save to route" to save routes. IIRC strava has a similar function. Or you could export gpx from one and read it into the other (mytracks and mapmyride do similar tricks -- you can even make google-earth helicopter chase videos).

krobinson103 02-14-13 10:44 PM

Endomondo will tell you how long your current track is likely to take. You need to either enter a target distance, or choose an existing route to 'compete' with. It will tell you how close you are to the pace of the previous ride, and how long its going to take to finish.

Winfried 02-15-13 05:31 AM

Thanks for the infos. I tried Strava, and it works well. I'll check out MapMyRide and Endomondo.

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