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tdister 02-16-13 04:47 PM

Saddlebags and flopping taillights
I love my medium sized Minnihaha saddlebag in all aspects except it takes away the seatpost as a rigid mounting spot for a taillight. Even though it has a loop for attaching a light, it will be very poorly aimed most of the time (unless the bag is stuffed just perfectly). Even a less directional light than the Hotshot I am using would be poorly aimed.

I have a rear rack (which block seat stay mounting) that has a hardwired light mounted to it so that real estate is spoken for. Would rather have it firmly mounted to the bike than on my helmet.

Any solutions/ideas?

Johnny Rebel 02-16-13 05:12 PM

I have a similar Carradice bag. The light loop points the taillight downwards, but there is a sturdy metal badge that is perfect for taillight duty. Maybe sew or affix a loop out of sturdy material to replicate this? Perhaps a fender mount (if you use mudguards).

tdister 02-16-13 08:59 PM

I want a Carradice. No one had one to try when I was shopping. I'm considering building some sort of internal support like an aluminum L bracket to keep the bag shaped and sewing the loop a bit smaller so the light doesn't slide/bounce around.

I'm imagining the canvas on the Carradice is a bit more rigid than the Minnehaha and supports reinforcing an area better (what I am imagining with your badge).

The fender is a good idea and has been considered. Ideally, it would be close to saddle height to be more visible (at least more visible in my imagination).

fietsbob 02-17-13 02:37 AM

I fabricated a rigid piece , rack strut, flattened and then re-curved in a larger arc, then hand sewn to the top, inside,
of my Carradice (carridura) saddle bag ,then the blinkie attached to the more rigid piece thrrough the top flap.

canvas would be a bit tougher sewing, might need a sewing Awl to push the needle through..

Or Consider B&M toplight taillights, euro market racks have 2 holes on the back to mount those

bontrager/trek has some ,and of course German Tubus racks.

no1mad 02-17-13 03:39 AM

I'm unable to take a picture, but there are pictures on the forum somewhere that will show what I'm about to try and explain.

You can use your seat post mount on the rack strut. You need two pieces of tape- something tacky (I used electrical tape)- and a length of old inner tube.

1. Half of the first piece of tape is applied to the metal of the rack leg/strut.
2. The other half is applied to one end of the inner tube.
3. Proceed to wrap the tube around itself (looks kinda like a cinnamon roll).
4. Use the other piece of tape to stick the tube to itself so it does not unwind on you.
5. Install your mount and aim as needed.

You will have to determine how much material to use and how tight you'll want to make it. It doesn't have to be super tight, but too loose isn't ideal either.

Note that I tried the above w/o the tape and failed miserably. Some kind soul here at BF pointed out that I needed a friction agent to keep the tube in place, to prevent it from sliding and rotating with every bump. You could just use a bunch of that tape instead of the tube, but the tape/tube combo goes on pretty quick, stays (mostly) put, and is quicker to remove than cutting through/peeling a bunch of tape.

chaadster 02-17-13 10:02 AM

Would a Paul Components Gino light mount work? You could bolt it to your seatstay rack mount, or down low at the dropout. It would change the orientation of the light to horizontal, but that may not be a problem at all.

tdister 02-17-13 01:54 PM

Thanks for the ideas. If anyone could scrounge some pics of brackets/internal supports that would be extra great. Looking into the Gino Mount too.

I already have a Supernova taillight mounted to the rack and am pretty dedicated to both the light and it's location.

I'm actually considering a bracket to go from the seatpost/saddle attachment area that squeezes between the saddle and the saddle bag to mount a light on. This would prevent the light being blocked from view by carrying something on the rack platform. Hmm..

Here's what I'm working with

Johnny Rebel 02-17-13 04:37 PM

Well it looks like you've got a visible rig there. I can see how a light up on the bag would be nice but maybe something even higher might be more eye-catching.

chaadster 02-18-13 06:42 AM

Could you slide a piece of rigid tubing, like plastic or aluminum, through the saddle attachment strap loops, and mount the light to that? If you could cinch it snugly, it should be pretty stable, and being on top of the bag, would be about as high as you could get a light without putting it on your person.

Hobby supply/RC stores are a good source for lightweight carbon fiber tubes in a wide range of diameters.

tdister 02-18-13 01:03 PM

I like that idea Chaadster

smasha 02-20-13 05:00 AM

i'll highly recommend a nite-flux red-zone-4, which is now also available as a red-zone-8.

as of now, the old version is still on their web-site -

here's info on the new version -

IIUC, they're filling back-orders before they make it generally available. anyway, the RZ4 is an incredibly "omni-directional" light. comparing it to a hot-shot is like comparing a hand-grenade to a rifle. for mounting on a helmet or saddle-bag, there's nothing else like it.

ragnar.jensen 02-24-13 04:13 PM

A plastic pipe I drilled some holes in, some zip ties and anti-slip tape:

I can't mount any lights on the seatpost since the trunk bag on my rack gets in the way, but by mounting it on the saddle rails it gets high enough.

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