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Nate_L 03-14-13 05:02 PM

Niterider Lumina 650 color vs Lumina 350
I just bought both of these lights. The 650 doesn't seem like an LED color, but it's very bright. I'd say that the 650 shows a light that is very natural. The 350 in comparison looks like an LED type of light, with that familiar cool LED shade of color. I bought these lights to use together. However, with the different color of shades of the two bulbs, it just doesn't seem right. Can anyone comment that maybe has been around a bunch of these type of lights, and can definitively say that maybe the light shades vary?

A10K 03-15-13 09:52 AM

Different LEDs come in different tints. This is an effect of deliberate manipulations in phosphor composition AND variations during the production process. I'm holding a light in my pocket right now that has a tint only a tiny bit cooler than a halogen bulb and looks downright yellow compared to most bike blinkies.
Most light manufacturers looking to wow people with lumens numbers tend to go for cooler (bluer) LED tints, since they have a higher lumens/watt ratio. The tradeoff tends to be in color rendition, since there are fewer different phosphors used. Going for higher peak brightness and/or overall output can sometimes reduce effective visibility since it can lead to design decisions that wash out variations in color and therefore decrease contrast between different obstacles. If the 650 has a more neutral color, more power to it. Most people consider the neutral white colors (in the 4500-5000k CCT range) to be much better at differentiating browns and greens than cool white LEDs (5500k+ CCT). Sometimes you can't tell the difference until you have two lights of different tints right next to each other.

Nate_L 03-15-13 05:40 PM

Thanks. The only reason I brought this up is because I wondered if something could be wrong. I noticed that the more yellow light shows colors better than the white tint from the 350. I actually went down to a local shop and compared my two lights with a 650 they had in stock. It appears that the whiter tint is the norm for these lights. The 350s tint matched the 650 in the store. Could the variation in this case possibly be a defect that will affect long term performance?

chinkroadrunner 03-15-13 09:31 PM

I bought a 650 and a 500 and noticed the same thing with the 650 having a more natural tint.

A10K 03-18-13 01:02 PM

More power to them!
Nate, its highly unlikely the tint is a sign of a long term problem. The LED simply was coated using a slightly different set of phosphors and will perform just as well as a cooler white one under the same electrical conditions. There may be a minor drop in maximum output (about 7%) depending on the flux bin, but for most people this is more than made up for by the improved color rendering.

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