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10pmStalker 03-18-13 08:15 AM

Need a really good padlock
Not sure if this is the right section but I'm looking for a padlock that isn't easily picked. Seems like every time I see something I think is decent I will search it on YouTube and its being picked in seconds. I bought a good chain but I'm so scared my bike will be gone unless I find a good lock.

fietsbob 03-18-13 11:35 AM

Its the right section if the lock is electronic, otherwise you are Lost.

no1mad 03-18-13 12:18 PM

You might be interested in this-

davidad 03-18-13 07:58 PM AS long as you understand that someone who wants to steal it bad enough will have a pair of bolt cutters and make short work of it.

HvPnyrs 03-18-13 08:23 PM


I would suggest asking your question in the COMMUTING subforum.

I would stay FAR away from conventional padlocks, If you are serious about keeping the bike (I assume you are if you are carrying an 8 to 10 pound high security chain) then mate the chain with a Kryptonite series 4 14mm disc lock. Uses the same type key as their Higher end U-Locks.

10pmStalker 03-19-13 10:40 AM

I ended up grabbing an OnGuard Bulldog Ulock. I heard those are the second best, next to Kryptonite.

HvPnyrs 03-19-13 11:15 AM


Thanks for reporting back on what you decided to get.
Have had 2 bikes stolen myself (knocking on wood) I DO NOT want to repeat the experience, so after very careful consideration and research, decided to use the best u-locks I could afford as the foundation of my bike security strategy.

tdister 03-19-13 01:07 PM

For anyone looking for a difficult to pick/cut padlock of high quality: Abloy

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