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jsharr 05-22-13 08:40 AM

Anyone runnnig one of the zoomable ebay CREE T6's?
Saw this on ebay.

Anyone here running one? Thoughts?

unterhausen 05-22-13 09:29 AM

people have been experimenting with aspheric lenses. They usually use more than one light

dougmc 05-22-13 10:17 AM

I haven't run that specific light, but I've bought zoomable lights on eBay before.

In my case, the LED had a lens in front of it that you could move back and forth (by screwing the head in and out) and that was the zoom. And it worked fine.

HOWEVER, there was no reflector in the light -- just a LED with a lens in front. So presumably this light was wasting at least half the light emitted by the LED right off the bat. They could add a reflector and fix this, but it would screw up the ability of the lens to focus the beam -- it would cause the beam to be less focused.

So, which is more important? Being able to precisely control your beam, or getting as much of the light from the LED out in front of you?

Personally, I think #2 is more important (as a reflector make a pretty decent beam pattern as well), so I won't be buying any more of these lights. That said, it's not a bad light (the one I have, which is not the one you're looking at), just somewhat less efficient than others with the same emitter.

jsharr 05-22-13 10:57 AM

Thanks for the info ya'll! Never thought about the reflector. I am running an older Magicshine and and a single 18650 MTE SSC P7, just wondering if any of these newer inexpensive lights are any better

zacster 05-23-13 04:19 AM

I'm using a zoom light from Keygos. It throws a lot of light but I don't use the zoom much. It has a reflector in it and uses an XML-U2 led.

HvPnyrs 05-26-13 10:49 PM

Late to the game, just saw this thread.
I have used cheap zoomable flashlights in the past, agree with the experiences and conclusions of dougmc.

Looking at the web page linked to in the first post, my biggest concern (ok,ok, it's huge) is the Very Thick lens that Sticks/Protrudes out the front of the of the light housing. If it's like the flashlights I had before, the lens is made of Glass.
Just imagine dropping the headlight, even if the lens doesn't shatter or crack, chances are excellent it will be chipped or at least scratched. I imagine that even if the lens were made of plastic, it would soon be covered with chips and scratches.
At least those cheap zoomies I had before, had a bezel surrounding the bulbous lens that stuck out far enough in front to protect the lens from coming into contact with anything.

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