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rekmeyata 06-02-13 10:50 PM

Lezyne Micro drive tail light vs the Light & Motion Vis 180
By some slim chance has anyone seen these two lights side by side? If so what was your opinion?

rekmeyata 06-04-13 08:58 AM

Yesterday I found a Planet Bike SuperFlash Turbo that works and looks just fine. I haven't decided how to use it yet because I need a brighter tail light then that. But I did test it against my other tail lights and it was brighter then the Cateye LD600, it wasn't quite as bright as my retired Blackburn Mars 4 but darn close, and nowhere near as bright as my converted Cygolite ExpiliOn 350 but the PB had better side illumination.

I think I'm going to get a NiteFlux tail light instead of one of the two I mentioned after reading a lot about tail lights. Supposedly the NiteFlux is brighter then either of the two I mentioned and compares to the Dinotte 300 for half the price which the Dinotte 300 was supposedly the brightest self contain battery light on the market...probably true for the American market but the NiteFlux is from Australia so the marketing here is very limited so I have to get it from Australia and have it shipped here.

If anyone has any comments, or comparisons about the Lezyne Micro Drive tail light, or the Light & Motion Vis 180 tail light, or the Niteflux tail light, I would appreciate reading it.

no motor? 06-04-13 11:47 AM

I have a Vis 360, and if I remember correctly, the tailight is very similar to the Vis 180. I think it's as bright as the PBSF, and easier to use since it comes on with the forward facing light. I've had it for about 2 years, and it's held up very well.

rekmeyata 06-04-13 09:39 PM

Now I think I'm heavily leaning towards the Niteflux 8 instead of the other two.

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