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LiteraryChic 06-06-13 08:10 PM

Locks! Locks! Locks!
Okay, just curious what locks/security system do you use for your bikes?

Photographic evidence would be appreciated!

I was considering getting a Knog Bouncer to lock my front wheel to my frame/fork, and then a Knog Strongman, or Straight Jacket to lock my rear wheel through the frame and object of desired stablity (i.e. bike post, parking meter - not ideal - etc.). I was thinking of using just a straight jacket lock by itself, but not how sure that work?

I have found various examples on the internet, but due to my tight budget, and flimsy cable lock by Master I feel I need at least one U Lock that is stable to give me a little more piece of mind, though, *crosses fingers/toes* when I was locking my bike up in A2 last summer with just my Master lock I did not have any issues, but still I would rather be safe than sorry.

I am also posting this to the commuter forums.


no1mad 06-06-13 11:23 PM


Originally Posted by LiteraryChic (Post 15714003)
I am also posting this to the commuter forums.

And that is the correct forum for this topic.

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