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CanadianBiker32 06-09-13 12:12 PM

Good Cyclecomputer for HRT and Cadence
Hello I need suggestions of a good quality Cyclecomputer.
Looking for one that is very reliable. Can withstand all weather. Sensor wont go all bonky if wet or in heat etc.

Functions I want . More less looking for one that can double as a heart rate monitor. Also I want cadence sensor and a Clock also.

Looking for type that i can fit onto my stem of my road bike . So i can save room. As i right now have it , i have a my watch and speedometer on my handlebars. Quite bulky, but effective.

Also Should i go wired or wireless?

I have a wired cateye on road bike and its decent and i have a wireless one on mtb seems ok.
Suggestions please.
Also if possible i can get one that is interchangable to my mtb and road?


rubic 06-09-13 03:07 PM

Garmin 510 or 810.

rgilliam2004 06-09-13 05:19 PM

What makes the Garmin so good? I have been looking at those but the pricing is really high for me. Trying to justify the cost

CanadianBiker32 06-09-13 05:27 PM

I were to use the Garmin 510 or 810. does it come with a chest strap and a stem mount already, or do I have to buy those separate as well.
I dont have a smart phone and no intention of getting one. Would I still be able to put data from Garmin into my computer though after workouts?
Does the weather feature of the Garmin work without a phone data plan. as i do not have a data plan on my phone. Would i still be able to access most features?

rgilliam2004 06-09-13 06:43 PM

I found this review very helpful.

aramis 06-09-13 06:46 PM

The Garmin is great because you can easily track all your rides, total mileage,etc.. just upload them to the garmin program or strava. I just got one recently and I wish I had bought one sooner. Much more useful than fancier wheels or handlebars or whatever.

kenji666 06-09-13 06:54 PM

Garmin 500 works for me. I don't need the live tracking, so I'll stay with this for now. I want to add an ANT+ powermeter hub soon.

CanadianBiker32 06-14-13 11:33 AM

Thanks for the advices. But i like to ask if there are anyones that are more of a budget price that still offer good features of cadence and HRT. thanks. Garmin seems abit pricey. Just like some good options for alternatives.

stanlee010178 06-15-13 08:56 PM

Bontrager Node 2.1 cadence/speed and HRM for 200 USD

CanadianBiker32 06-16-13 06:17 PM

I also dont need live tracking, if i just go the Garmin 500, would that one give me Cadence, power meter, hrt all in one and able to upload it to my MAC as well

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