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IndianaRecRider 06-11-13 09:30 AM

Smartphone (Android) apps
First time smartphone (Android OS) owner here. Just wondering what the best apps for cycling are? Thanks in advance.


the_tool_man 06-11-13 09:38 AM

I use Strava. Whether it's best or not, depends upon what you want. I like Strava because it lets me compare my performance to myself on other days, and to other riders. I am almost always near the bottom in those comparisons. But it motivates me to improve. I don't know which phone you have, but I've been quite disappointed in the battery life of my Droid3 when the GPS is enabled. You may find, as I have, that getting a GPS cyclocomputer is worth consideration.

GaryPitts 06-11-13 07:22 PM

Runkeeper for me.

UberGeek 06-11-13 07:55 PM

Runkeeper here. And, of course, google navigation :)

01 CAt Man Do 06-13-13 02:14 PM

As a new Android user you are probably aware that there are hundreds of apps out there. I haven't had mine more than a year but I am absolutely loving the advantage of having a smart phone.

When it comes to cycling most of the apps that appeal to me don't have anything to do with "training and performance". I want apps that just make the cycling experience more carefree. Most of the stuff I find useful has to do with navigation. The best app ( for android ) that allows you to ride a planned route on road or paved trail is the "Cue Sheet" pro version ( about $3 ). Cue Sheet allows you to download a planned route of your own design and run the route using the internal GPS function of the phone. Cue Sheet not only provides "audible turn by turn" prompts but also gives you a map and cue sheet to use while riding. Cue sheet is designed to work with the free mapping sites like "mapmyride" and "ridewithGPS". I use "ridewithGPS".

I don't use GPS for mountain biking at the moment but I do have a tracking app which also gives me the potential for navigating either one of my own stored routes or a route that someone else rode. The app is "Trimble Navigator". I haven't used it but a couple times but hope to find it of use when riding in the unknown.

While not specific to cycling having a good "real-time" weather radar app is really important to enjoying your planned ride. Nothing ruins your day like driving an hour and half to a ride only to have the big clouds move in minutes after you start your ride. I use three apps for weather but the "Intellicast" weather app is my most reliable for up-to-the-minute tracking of storm patterns. As long as you refresh the screen every once in while you get the most current radar read-out. It also allows you to pinpoint your position with GPS so there is little guess work. My other favorite weather app is the "Weatherundergroud app". Weatherunderground is simply a private network of home weather stations that provide updated weather info ( every 2 sec ). The most useable function is the precipitation readings that are given daily ( using stats and graphs ) and also supply an accessible "weather history" for any day, week or month you are interested in. Since WUnderground is hundreds of sites you search the areas you use the most and mark them as favorites. If you hate riding in mud the daily/hourly precip read outs are priceless. I've used Wunderground for years on my PC, now I have on my android as well.

The most current web site ( app? ) to be useful is the "routevisualizer" site. I have it saved to bookmarks, not sure if it is a finished app yet. Nice in that it allows you to look at the intensity of the elevation gains ( and declines ) ( via color coding ) in a planned road route. If you hate being surprised by big hill climbs while on a planned road ride you will love this website.

webtwo 06-14-13 09:09 PM

Strava for me. I have Samsung GS3 and use Strava for 50 minutes each way, phone, email and internet and have 50% battery when I get home. I'm using Cleanrom6 R2.

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