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Lsudreamer 06-11-13 04:00 PM

Heart Rate Monitor recs?
Any recommendations for a heart rate monitor? I have an iphone 4s and have several apps that I can use to track my speed/route etc but nothing that will help with counting the burned calories. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

STRANA 06-11-13 04:26 PM

I'm personaly thinking of getting the Wahoo HR sensor along with the Speed/Cadence Sensor they the reviews suggest they work great together and their power consumption on the iPhones is exceptable. Other then that Polar seems to be the norm.

mht7159 06-14-13 09:10 AM

The options are many Iv'e had good luck with the polar brand over the years and last year my family picked up a Bowflex HRM from Big 5 for 40.00 and it has worked great, just make sure you pick one with the chest strap they seem to work much better than the ones w/o nashbar was clearing out a Vdo Bike computer with HRM for 50.00 (250.00 orig) over the Memorial day weekend maybe they will repeat for July 4th.

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