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evan938 06-14-13 09:31 PM

Edge 500 - Turn by turn AND ride data (speed, time, etc)
a couple months ago, i was playing around with my 500 and trying to learn some new features. i SWEAR i found a way where it was giving me turn by turn directions.

i can't figure this out now. i know how to upload a course and it'll show me a map view, but this was "in .25mi, turn right" then as it got closer "in 100m, turn right". etc.

now, i also remember when i had this pulled up, i couldnt switch between pages to show my main data page with speed, distance, time, cadence, HR, etc. it was either those pages OR the turn by turn. i couldnt set the turn by turn as say, a 3rd data page and scroll through all of them...thats what i want to do, so i can scroll through to find out when a turn is coming up, then after im on the road, go back to my live data

anyone help? i've been scouring the forums as well as google/GC/RWGPS and im not having any luck. it seems like it shouldnt be this difficult

Alphamoose 06-14-13 10:30 PM

You want to create a course in .tcx format and it will do what you describe. is a good site to use for generating courses usable for turn-by-turn on the Edge 500.

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